Can You Sign A Postnuptial Agreement

— Intro: Marriage is exciting. But between the bouquet of flowers, clothes and place decisions, it is important to remember that it has a serious financial impact. Some couples like to keep their money completely separate, while others get comfortable combining all the funds. Whatever your partner`s style, it may be a good idea to consider the consequences if the relationship doesn`t last. Even if you don`t have a marriage agreement before tying the knot, you can then sign a post-uptial agreement for similar reasons. In the United States, there are now generally three different but related types of post-uptial agreements. In cases where a spouse`s parents have given the couple a considerable amount of money – perhaps to pay for a house – a divorce settlement can be a particularly unpleasant process. A post-nuptial agreement gives in-laws (and their child) the certainty that they will be reimbursed if the relationship does not last. The contract may, for example, stipulate that the spouse whose family was the source of the money will receive the first $100,000 in assets to recover the funds.

“Sometimes the way the money is given does not create a legal obligation, but parents may want to make sure they get back,” says Ahearn. When a couple makes a post-uptial agreement, it does not automatically mean that they are considering submitting the divorce. Here are some common reasons for concluding a post-marriage agreement: Some people believe that negotiating marital agreements is an unnecessary and stress-causing exercise, where precisely the act of considering divorce may not bring down a marriage from the beginning. Many couples opt for post-nuptials simply because they don`t want unpleasant discussions about the distribution of wealth before their big happy day. As a result, these negotiations may be more fluid once the newlyweds have settled into their marital routine. The last major category of people looking for post-nups are relatively newly married couples who were planning to sign a pre-Nup and the time has come to expire. This is described by Krista and Ben, who signed their post-nup during their first year of marriage, after initially planning to sign a pre-nup.

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