Dual Nationality Agreement Of Pakistan With Turkey

ISLAMABAD: Azad Jammu and Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan said on Monday that it was “not likely” that US President-elect Joe Biden and his government would arbitrate in the Kashmir dispute. “For now, [the United States] is unlikely to play a mediating role, but we would continue to engage the United States to play a constructive role in ending the crackdown in Kashmir,” President Khan told Arab News. He added that the issue has recently been discussed three times in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). “Since the United States is an important player, we expect the United States not to block another meeting there. Instead, it should show leadership and help the Security Council tackle the Kashmir issue,” Khan said. Referring to his experience working with President Donald Trump`s administration, which was “not very reassuring,” Khan said Trump said, “He would serve in Kashmir, but nothing happened.” “At the time he said these words, they were contradicted by the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs… “He [Trump] gave the impression that [Indian Prime Minister Narendra] Modi pushed him to do so, but Mr. Modi and his representatives said he did not make such an offer or proposal. So there are also experiences from the past,” Khan said. In a statement on Saturday, Khan said Washington could play a crucial role in resolving the issue between India and Pakistan because it is “an influential member” of the UN Security Council. “The Trump administration had made good progress on the issue of Afghanistan with the help of Pakistan and President Trump has tried to mediate to also resolve the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan,” the statement said. “But later he [Trump] maintained a reversal and maintaining an artificial balance between the two countries, and then the offer of mediation was canceled,” he added. Khan said at least 700,000 Pakistanis live in the United States, which “plays a key role in influencing decision-making directly or indirectly.” Khan refused to discuss bilaterally with India and said the resolution of the Kashmir conflict depended on multilateral diplomacy.

“The solution to the problem was given to the Kashmiris seven decades ago by the UN Security Council to determine their will. on their future through a referendum,” he said. India and Pakistan, armed with nuclear weapons, have gone to war twice for Kashmir since Independence from Britain in 1947. Delhi and Islamabad both claim full kashmir, but control only parts of it – territories internationally recognized as “Indian-managed cashmere” and “Pakistani-managed cashmere”. If Pakistan and Turkey successfully sign the dual nationality agreement, Pakistani businessmen and real estate investors willing to expand their businesses will benefit from the agreement. As a country, Turkey is one of the largest emerging economies in the world. Its geographical position and global economic power make Turkey an attractive place for investors all over the world. It`s the 17th. The world`s largest economy, with a nominal GDP of $840 billion, is expected to be part of the trillion-dollar club in 2020 (another 16 countries in this club are the United States, China, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom). . . .

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