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How can a “deal” bring a mother to a corner? Such a contract is just a suggestion, and the desperation to be seen as compliant is, in my experience (as a social worker, child protection manager, practice educator, and domestic violence counselor), the reason why parents, especially mothers, say they will go to bed. If there is genuine cooperation and the elimination of threats from the authorities, agreements can be a very good way to mark progress for workers and families. “It is interesting to note that written agreements are the ones that stand out because there is no legal basis for them, one part goes into trust and one part goes into the broader plan.” Everything looks very familiar. I used to get very frustrated as a social worker in a local authority when I was asked to write a written agreement in which a parent promised not to do things that were *illegal*. If they are willing to defy the law of the land, what is the point of a written agreement? I would take the argument of “covering the back of the LA” a little further – they are often used to derail the parent, sign an agreement known to be broken, so that provides the court with evidence that the parent cannot be trustworthy. All reviews of the safety plan or work arrangement should be documented in the child`s file, taking into account progress, effectiveness and compliance. Violations of the security plan and violations of the agreement and the resulting measures must be recorded. The employment agreement is not a legal document, but can be presented as evidence when a request for care is submitted to the court. In the recent thematic inspection of the authorities` responses to domestic violence, inspectors found that the agreements were widespread in two agencies, although “there is no evidence that they are effective”.

“If you equate a written agreement with certainty, you`re off to a bad start,” Birchall says. “A piece of paper with a signature will never keep a child safe.” The review author said: “The role of written agreements. seems to be common, yet it is known that women in situations where domestic violence poses a risk will find it very difficult to comply with such an agreement. “Alternatively, if the parents follow the agreement, the document can be used as evidence in court that the parents are working with professionals and/or making the necessary changes to provide adequate care for the children. However, if we leave aside the distracting question of whether alleged victims of abuse are “credible” (and anyone who does their child protection work and will), then we come to the issue of written agreements. Undoubtedly, they will ask if they are valid and if they are used, as there are arguments for and against both. .

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